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Links & Resources

WHO TAKES WHAT? Other groups accept stuff we don't, like bicycles, computers, books, and more. So if you are trying to donate something we do not take, look through the following links:

MATERIAL EXCHANGES: Sometimes you can use a non-profit material exchange (usually an on-line system that links donors to recipients) to find someone who wants your items. Here is a sample of what’s out there:

OTHER REUSERS: Nonprofit reuse enterprises are everywhere:

REUSE ASSOCIATIONS: To meet the needs of a growing materials reuse industry, several associations have formed:

STATE AND FEDERAL REUSE RESOURCES: Even state and federal agencies are promoting reusers as a way to help reduce waste.

Other links will be posted soon.


Our own home-grown recycling organization:

HOMEOWNER RESOURCES: Here are a few useful sites for homeowners looking for information about energy conservation, lead abatement, recycling, and more:

FOR-PROFIT BUILDING MATERIAL REUSERS: Some for-profit building supply reusers buy and sell the more architecturally significant and/or antique pieces like mantles, plumbing and light fixtures, stained glass, and more. A few in the area include:

* New England Demolition & Salvage 508-992-1099 / http://www.nedsalvage.com/
* Restoration Resources 617-542-3033 / http://www.restorationresources.com/
* Olde Bostonian 617-282-9300 / http://www.oldbostonian.com/
* Nor'East Architectural Antiques 603-394-0006 / http://www.noreast1.com/


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