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Shopping at the ReStore:

Because all of our inventory is donated, we only sell to qualified customers: nonprofits, schools, governments and agencies, and lower-income individuals. That means hundreds-of-thousands of area residents and nonprofits qualify.

If you are shopping for a school, charity, religious institution, government, or some other type of nonprofit, then you qualify. All we need is your tax I.D. number. That’s it!

If you are a homeowner whose combined household income is below 80% of the area median, you also qualify to shop at the ReStore. Click here to use FannieMae's online median-income calculator. Multiply the result by .80 to arrive at our shopping eligibility limit.

You can immediately begin shopping at the ReStore once we verify that you qualify.


Give us a shopping list of materials you’re searching for. ReStore staff often know about upcoming or pending donations; we can sometimes match or 'link' you to someone donating those items. The donation then moves from the donor right to you, thereby avoiding our higher warehouse costs. In turn, the ReStore collects a small 'linking fee,' but this is typically extremely small.

Join Our Listserv!:

Join our growing listserv and receive occasional announcements about new donations and other ReStore news. Just click here and an automatic e-mail request to join our listserv will be generated. Type "subscribe" in the subject line, click 'Send,' and ReStore staff will process your request promptly. Call us if you have questions. What is a listserv?

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