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  1. Give us a call, anytime, at 617-288-8400.
  2. Subscribe to our listserv. We maintain an e-mail listserv to notify schools and other non-profits about special, time-sensitive donations (about once a month). Needless to say, we never sell, share, give out, or use our listserv for nefarious purposes. To be added to our listserv, simply e-mail or call-in your request.
  3. E-mail us a ‘wish list’ of items you need. If we don’t have the materials in our warehouse, we'll try to find them among our regular donors. If we succeed, or if someone calls offering to donate the materials you need, we'll give you a call.
  4. Make an appointment to visit our warehouse. It's newly painted and begging for visitors. Always call first -- we may be out doing pick-ups.

And please, if there is someone other than you responsible for ordering and purchasing your furniture and supplies, please tell them about us.

If saving more than 85% on your budget isn’t reason enough to shop at the Restore, keep in mind that reuse enterprises like the ReStore 1) create decent jobs, 2) reduce waste headed to landfills and incinerators, and 3) reduce the exploitation and extraction of new resources from our already fragile environment. Reuse centers are win-win-win enterprises.